Student Handbook

Dear Parents,  

Welcome to Cook Elementary!  The faculty and staff are privileged to serve your children.  We are committed to excellence in education, knowing that all children can learn, that individuals learn in different ways, and that success in school can add to a child’s feeling of self-worth.  We want each child to succeed, to be motivated, challenged, and grow in academic ability, self-confidence, and respect for others.   

Please review the contents of this handbook with your child and feel free to contact the school regarding any questions.  In addition to this information, you will receive memos, callouts, newsletters, emails from me and other information from the PTA to keep you informed of important dates and events.  There are many opportunities to volunteer at Cook Elementary, and we encourage you all to volunteer as your schedule allows.   

Thank you for your support.  In this new school year, we look forward to close working relationships and cooperation between educators, parents and students.   

Cook Elementary Administration